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5 września 2019 - Możliwość komentowania Simple tips to write letters, essays, reports, reviews, articles. została wyłączona

Simple tips to write letters, essays, reports, reviews, articles.

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  • 2. INFORMAL LETTER IN 7 STEPS 1. SALUTATION, (Comma & Hey!) 2. START A LETTER Thank for the letter that is previous apologize for not writing before, 1 or 2 questions regarding family or friends. (1 paragraph that is short --- Informal letters to strangers: reasons why you are writing --- 3. BODY Answer the knowledge that you have already been told, express your interest to learn more about that which was earlier mentioned. Make positive comments, respond 1 by 1 & use imagination. (2 paragraphs) 4. END YOUR LETTER with some questions so the receiver feels, motivated to reply. Give news, be emotional, plan a date, leave contact details (1 pragraph that is short 5. CLOSING LINE (1 line 10 – 15 words) 6. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE (a few words) You may use contractions or phrasal verbs ?
  • 3. INFORMAL LETTER 1. Dear Martin, 2. TO START A LETTER • Thank you for the letter. It absolutely was great to know from you. How’s the new baby? • thank you for your letter and sorry for not replying sooner. • Sorry I haven’t written for way too long. I’ve been really busy lately. Which means you bought a house that is new! How could it be?
  • 4. 6. COMPLIMENTARY CLOSE • Love, • Lots of love, • Cheers! Take it simple! • Best wishes, • all of the best, Marking Code: Capitalization, Organisation, Punctuation, Register/Formality, Sentence Structure, Spelling, Wrong form, Word order, Wrong tense, Wrong word, Word(s) missing, Omit word. INFORMAL LETTER 5. TO FINISH A LETTER • Give my love to… • Ok, I've got to go now, so see you soon! • That’s about all. Do write soon and inform me everything you’ve been doing. • I look ahead to seeing you soon. Many thanks in advance for the help.
  • 5. “Task letter”
  • 6. 1. Hello Simon, 2. I'm glad you have in mind my country. As the friend said, i want us to email each other to greatly help me boost your English. 3. i'd like to begin by telling you a bit about myself and my children. My name's Ivo and I also are now living in Kutna Hora, that is about 45 minutes from Prague by car. Continue reading “Simple tips to write letters, essays, reports, reviews, articles.” »
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